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At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we aim to provide you with services that you may need for your parking lot or other asphalt paved area. We do our best to accommodate your budget, preferences, and convenience when we render any service to you. It is our obligation to provide you with the best service that we can offer at the fairest price.

Services Provided:

  • Asphalt Pavement Installation
  • Crack Filling
  • Crack Repair
  • Asphalt Milling and Overlay
  • Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Line Striping
  • Asphalt Maintenance
  • Asphalt Repair

All these services will be provided and will cater to your needs and budget. We also provide a free estimate before signing the contract so that you know the estimated cost of whatever service you have done.

We do our best to accommodate any concerns you have and do our best to work quickly to avoid causing too much inconvenience to your part.

In our company, it’s important our customer satisfaction reaches up to 110% because we value you and we hope that you are satisfied enough to work with us again in the near future. To us, we want to provide you with the best services we can offer to guarantee that your hiring us is the best choice for you.

Types of Work Available:

  • Parking facilities installation
  • Industrial roadway installation
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Playground and park pavement installation
  • Shopping centers
  • Colleges and school grounds
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Park facilities 

At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we will work on any project and do our best to complete the installation or maintenance as soon as possible to reduce any inconvenience in your part. We understand the pavement installation is time-consuming and can cause major setbacks, especially in a busy area; this is why we work hard to complete the work and make sure that the base is set properly to ensure the lifespan of the pavement is long.

Our company aspires to give you the best service we can render because your satisfaction with our work is important to us. It’s part of our services to provide you with everything you need and want.

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Our company doesn’t just aim to provide you with the best service, we also aspire to be able to address your concerns professionally and without any delays, so we can guarantee your satisfaction. All of our services are listed on our website, and you can find out more about them by contacting us.


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