Milling & Overlaying Asphalt

There comes a time when your asphalt pavement has outlived its life span and needs to be replaced. The replacement of asphalt pavement is called mill and overlay. It is one of the many services that are offered by Fort Wayne Asphalt, and at a fair price if we might add. 

What is Mill and Overlay:

This is the process of stripping and grinding up the old pavement and then replacing it with a fresh layer. This is often done to the pavement that is heavily covered with asphalt potholes and cracks. Of course, the process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, this is necessary if your pavement is badly damaged and in desperate need for repairs.

Benefits of Mill and Overlay:

  • Save on costs: The average asphalt paving is about 4-5 inches thick and having to have it replaced means you have to spend on the whole process of getting a base. With mill and overlay, you only need about 1.5-2 inches removed from the original pavement. It definitely costs less than having the whole pavement redone, and can sometimes be comparable in price to asphalt sealcoating.
  • Less time-consuming: Asphalt paving is a process that can take up to weeks depending on how fast the asphalt pavers work, and this can cause some delays in the traffic of your area. With mill and overlay, you don’t need to worry as much because it won’t take as long to complete the whole process of replacing the whole asphalt pavement base.
  • Makes Your Base Stronger: The base of your asphalt tends to deteriorate from the bottom up, especially if your surface has cracks and holes that don’t prevent water from entering. When you have mill and overlay done on the pavement, the base gets much stronger and less prone to deterioration,
  • Improve drainage systems: The standard protocol for milling and overlay is that they remove two inches. However, the amount they remove can be customized to help improve the drainage system of your parking lot. If they noticed that your parking lot tends to flood then they will adjust how much they remove more surfaces for the mill and overlay.


Key Takeaways:

Having your pavement serviced and maintained is one of the most cost-effective ways to make sure that your parking lot is nice and well-maintained. Your asphalt needs a lot of care because it costs so much to have it redone. In Fort Wayne Asphalt we provide these services and more for you.

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