Pavement Line Striping


Line striping has some pretty important functions when it comes to marking your area. In order to have this done, it’s best to hire someone who understands the importance of line striping. Line striping is a service that we offer here in Fort Wayne Asphalt. If you don’t really want to do it yourself, then we would be happy to do it for you!

Benefits of Line Striping:

  • Maximizes parking spaces: This is an easy way for you to make sure your space is maximized. Asphalt companies usually do this for you, but the price varies according to the company. When you mark your spaces, you can check how many parking spaces can fit for your area.
  • Contributes to safety: This actually contributes to the safety of you and other pedestrians and drivers that regularly pass through your parking space. It’s also good to consider if you live or operate in a busy area so people know where not to wait or dawdle around.
  • Provides Handicap Parking: If you are a public company and haven’t had your pavement marked, then you should immediately. In accordance to requirements provided by the American with Disabilities Act, you should have a handicap parking space in order to comply with the act.
  • It serves as a traffic guide: When you add line striping, it gives pedestrians an idea of the flow of traffic. The lines you place serve as a guide for the traffic flow, and shows the exit points effectively. This will help minimize the traffic in the area.
  • Visual Appeal: Line striping is not only practical, but it helps improve your curb appeal as well. Since line stripes tend to fade after some use and exposure to different elements, it’s always good to re-stripe. There’s also nothing more appealing than a freshly painted parking lot. There’s something about the contrast between the black pavement and blue and yellow paint.



There are a lot of processes that go into asphalt paving. It may seem like small things, but all the process contribute to one major thing: your safety. It’s the most important thing to prioritize above everything else. At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we prioritize your safety, as well as the safety of everyone around you.

We will gladly perform these services to your satisfaction and give you a fair price to go along with it because we care about you.

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