Asphalt Crack Filling & Repair


One of the biggest problems you can get in your asphalt pavement is a crack. Aside from that, cracks leave your parking lot vulnerable to exposure to water. This can cause a lot of damage, which is why we suggest immediately getting cracks filled in and repaired before they turn into bigger damage.

What Happens When You Don’t Fill your Cracks:

Like we mentioned previously, water is a big factor to damage to your pavement. Cracks allow water to affect the materials of your asphalt. Once you see a crack, whether it’s big or small you should see that it gets filled as soon as possible. The sooner you do it, the less chance your pavement will be damaged by the elements.

When a crack is larger, you should probably hire an asphalting company. Cracks can develop into potholes which is not something you want; especially if you are a business area because repair can consume your time and make it a hassle to get to your facility.

Additionally, if you want to get your pavement lines repainted, cracks or holes in your parking lot will prevent a smooth application of the paint. Repair is almost always necessary first.


Benefits of Crack Filling and Repair:

  • It Costs Less than Asphalt Repair: Asphalt repair costs at least 20x more than having the crack repaired. That’s why we recommend hiring an asphalt company to work on it immediately to avoid damage to your pavement.
  • Preserves the life span of your pavement: Immediate crack filling means reduced chances of water getting into your pavement. It helps prolong the longevity of your pavement and reduces the cost of having your asphalt replaced after a short period of time.
  • Reduces Pavement Damage: Oxidation and water are two things you want to avoid when you have a new pavement installed. Once water gets into your pavement, oxidation is highly likely to happen. These two things can cause pavement failure, which is not something you want to happen.
  • Serves as a weather-repellent: As we have mentioned before, water plays a big part in the failure of your pavement. This is due to the damage that it renders to the base of your pavement. To avoid this, you should apply a sealant to prevent types of water from entering into the cracks of your pavement.


  • Crack filling and repair might not be a big deal in the summer, but it’s important to get right to it because you would want to prevent any type of damage. You can hire Fort Wayne Asphalt to fix it for you.

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