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At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we specialize in all things asphalt. From driveways to parking lots, repairs to new installation, and residential to commercial, we have the experience and reputation to wow you with our services.

Our specialties include:

  • Residential and Commercial Asphalt Services
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Resurfacing
  • Asphalt Driveway Paving
  • Asphalt Maintenance & Care
  • Asphalt Driveway and Parking Lot Repair
  • Pot-hole repair
  • Parking Lots
  • Crack filling and repair
  • Sealcoating / Sealing
  • Line Striping

Throughout the years in the industry, the technology and skills required have changed significantly. Asphalt mixtures have gotten more advanced, equipment has gotten more computerized, and regulations have grown more complicated.

As many of the day to day operations of our asphalt services have changed, one thing has stayed the same: free detailed estimates, an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and our 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we perform. Our numerous repeat customers agree Fort Wayne Asphalt is the right company for all your asphalt needs.

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    Our Asphalt Paving and Repair Services 

    If the job requires working with asphalt, Fort Wayne Asphalt is the company you should call to get the job done. We want to be the #1 asphalt company Fort Wayne residents, business owners, and property mangers call when they need any kind of asphalt work completed on their home or property.

    In addition to looking great, a fresh coat of asphalt or sealing not only significantly increases the curb appeal of your property, it also raises the value of your property for many years to come. To learn more about any of our services as a Fort Wayne asphalt contractor, see below.


    Asphalt Paving

    For all your driveway, parking lot, or sidewalk paving needs, Fort Wayne Asphalt is the company to call. We know it’s our duty to provide you with the best services in town, and that’s what we deliver to our customers every day.

    Quality paving should last at least 25+ years before significant maintenance work is needed. In order to get 25+ years out of your asphalt, many factors need considered, such as proper water drainage, correct sub-grade materials, and asphalt depth.

    It takes years in the industry to know the best parking lot, road and driveway paving methods. Not all asphalt paving contractors have the experience to know the best method for each job. At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we have the experience and technology to ensure you get the best paving services around.

    Hot mix asphalt is by far the best, most durable material for paving. The best asphalt is a finely tuned and engineered composition of petroleum based liquid asphalt cement and “aggregate”, also known as a mixture of sand and stone. The mixture is heated to over 300 degrees, and kept very hot during the paving process.

    This paving process helps ensure no water absorbs into the pavement, keeping your driveway or parking lot in excellent condition throughout the hot summer months and cold winter months when freezing water could cause significant damage.

    For more information, or to receive a free estimate of our asphalt paving services, call us today at 260-238-8138

    Asphalt Maintenance & Repair

    When considering whether to have your asphalt properly maintained or not, remember that proper asphalt care can increase the life of your asphalt by several years, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars over the course of 20+ years.

    Many times we’ve seen proper asphalt care double the life expectancy of a driveway or parking lot, and incorrect asphalt care reduce the longevity by up to half or more.

    Both the 100+ degree days of summer and the below zero temperature of winter cause damage to your asphalt overlay. Each temperature extreme cause damage that must be addresses before a more costly repair is needed.

    Asphalt driveway crack repair is one of the many repair services we offer. If you have cracks or large potholes in your driveway, give us a call today.

    Another common question we get asked is how to fix crumbling asphalt driveway edges. Depending on the grade and age of your driveway, we will have different recommendations.

    Infrared Patching, also known as cold-weather patching allows many property owners to at least temporarily avoid more significant repairs or asphalt re-paving. This is also commonly used in the colder days of winter when it’s too cold to transport hot asphalt mixture to your location.

    Resurfacing: If asphalt repair is not possible, we will let you know and provide you with a free estimate of our asphalt resurfacing services.

    No matter what kind of asphalt care and maintenance you need, Fort Wayne Asphalt looks forward to serving you today. Call today for a Free estimate.


    Line Striping

    Over time, the paint lines on any parking lot begin to wear down and become difficult to see. This can actually make your parking lot more dangerous because cars and pedestrians alike don’t know how to navigate safely to and from your location.

    In our experience, every 2 years you should plan to have the paint lines stripped in your parking lot. By this time the stripes are usually faded enough that seeing them becomes difficult, especially for individuals who already have some difficulty seeing.

    Sometimes the lines can last a little longer if not heavily used, or used primarily for foot traffic. Other times the lines may need repainted every 12 months, especially if they undergo heavy vehicle or machinery traffic.

    The quality of paint can also help or hurt the longevity of your parking lot stripes. At Fort Wayne Asphalt, our crews use the highest quality solvent-based paint chemically designed to maintain the vibrant whites, blues and yellow colors in your parking lot.

    If your church, store or shopping center parking lot lines need re-stripped, give Fort Wayne Asphalt a call today! We happily provide free estimates for all work performed.


    Driveway seal coating or driveway sealing is one of the best asphalt maintenance services you can do to improve both the look and durability of your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

    Over time, the natural elements of sun, wind, rain, snow and ice all take their tole on your asphalt parking lot or driveway. The binding elements in the asphalt material begins to degrade by oxidizing. Oxidation is the process of oxygen molecules working their way into the asphalt material causing it to fall apart from the outside in.

    To protect your driveway from these harmful elements, choose Fort Wayne Asphalt, one of the best driveway sealcoating contractors in the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

    With a proper seal coating, all the pores, cracks and wear marks of your asphalt surface will be protected from the natural elements. The sticky, liquid materials we use thoroughly fill the cracks of your asphalt, helping your driveway stay in excellent condition for many years to come.

    If you’ve ever tried DIY driveway sealcoating, you know it’s a messy, dirty, tiring job. Additionally, the driveway sealant purchased at a place like Home Depot or Lowes isn’t as high of quality as the materials we use, meaning you’ll have to re-seal your driveway more frequently.

    If you’re interested in receiving a free detailed estimate to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot, call Fort Wayne Asphalt today!

    Milling & Overlay

    Asphalt milling is the process of using a large machine to grind up old asphalt down to a depth of 2-3 inches deep so new asphalt can be laid. Sometimes milling is the best way to properly repair a large pothole or crack in your asphalt.

    At Fort Wayne Asphalt, we use only the best type of asphalt milling equipment to ensure we can recycle nearly 100% of the old asphalt. Recycling old asphalt is not only a great way to benefit the environment, but it allows us to keep our costs competitive with other asphalt contractors in the Fort Wayne area.

    If your asphalt has been properly maintained, a mill and overlay can save you thousands over completely new asphalt paving where 6+ inches of asphalt must be removed and then re-applied.


    Crack Filling & Repair

    To ensure years of life out of your asphalt parking lot or driveway, repairing the cracks in your asphalt pavement should be one your highest priorities. Northern Indiana has no shortage of icy winter and hot summer days.

    Cracks and crevices in your parking lot or driveway allow the rain, ice and sun to penetrate deep, causing lasting damage and expensive repairs.

    At Fort Wayne Asphalt, before we repair the cracks in your pavement, we always thoroughly clean the cracks of any dirt, stone, weeds, or debris. We then ensure the cracks are completely dry by using high powered air blowers and fans.

    Once the pavement has completely dried, then our professional asphalt crews bring hot mix asphalt and the proper machinery to professional repair the cracks in your asphalt.

    Types of asphalt cracks include edge cracks, potholes, linear cracks, stress cracks, and shrinkage cracks. What may look like a unobtrusive line in your pavement, could actually be a much larger problem. To know more about our asphalt crack repair services, give us a call at 260-238-8138.


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